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Welcome to Cartel Solana. We are building a new standard for memecoin DAOs.

Nowadays, most teams just want to pump their bags and quit after a few days, without leaving a trace.

The trace is our reward. Our ambition is to be the start of something huge. A money-printing family of unwavering strength, cooperation, and kindness.

How will we achieve this?

———First, with a strong economy based on $CARTEL.

$CARTEL is your entrance to our deflationary ecosystem. Need trading advice? Use $CARTEL to join the Roundtable. Want to launch your own token? Pay $CARTEL and use our launchpad, etc. We burn half of all raised $CARTEL, and keep half for marketing

———Second, with the right people.

We do not want traders. We want investors. We look for smart, kind, connected people who share our vision to join the Cartel. Flip and you might make a 5x. Work, build, network, invest in a hard working team, and you will know no limit. We individually handpick renowned creators from other blockchains and invite them to the Cartel.

———Third, with a strict set of rules.

Organic growth only. No paid promotions. No days off. Constant communication. Transparency with every single transaction. Constantly adding new use cases for $CARTEL. Hearing every holder's concerns and suggestions. Making the most active holders part of the team.

Enter the Cartel for a few days, you will see these are not just sweet words. We're the real deal.

Cartel is family, Cartel is money.

Solana degens, we are here for the culture. We are the culture.